Our main goal is to make self-aware of all these medicines and what does it do to your body and how it reacts. The information in this website which are shared for public view is may be accurate or may be not.  We always strongly recommend users to seek doctor’s advice or physician to get proper prescription for the ill you have. Do not take medicines based on your knowledge or idea you have. Sometime those kinds of ideas may lead to catastrophic disaster.

Our sole propose is the educate people to be more aware of the pills and medicines they take. When you consult a doctor for some ill you have. They prescribe medication based on the disease you have and advice you to take it on particular time and period. But they never give you the medicine composition, what are the side effects and actually what it does to your body. So, you should be always vigil and be aware of the medicines you take.

Medicineuses.com does not take any responsibility, if you take any kind of medicine by your own without consulting a doctor. Medicineuses.com is just a place where you can get the information about the medicine you are treated with. This is not a place to get your own prescription for the illness you have.